This site is here to warn others not to insure anything with PAF Insurance. You will see that we have compiled supporting documentation that they are not licensed to operate in any state. If you purchase insurance with PAF Insurance, you are paying for nothing

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Faxitron Bioptics Gets Scammed by England Logistics agent Nomad Logistics

It is amazing how many people have contacted us giving supporting info in reference to England Logistics still selling fake shipping insurance through Nomad Logistics (Kelly Nelson) Need to highlight one company today: FAXITRON BIOPTICS, LLC 3440 E BRITANNIA DR, SUITE 150 TUCSON, ARIZONA 85706 USA Pete:  520-399-8180 x 1158 We were told that they have …

Thanks for Visiting: England Logistics

Well it did not take long for England Logistics to find our site and if they keep their shipping insurance scam with PAF Insurance; anything from this point forward that comes to them is their own doing.  


This website PAF Insurance Review has been built to warn people of the scam Gregory Gershman and his family is running with the help of ACIS and Tokio Marine.

Until they are shut down completely and permanently, we will not stop and will not back down. read the reviews available and you decide.


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