Kevin Hughes @ ACIS helps cover up PAF Insurance Scam for profit

After reading this, I am sure you can come to the same conclusion. PAF Insurance is a scam, has been fined multiple times for this and still operate illegally. They currently are not licensed in their state of incorporation and cannot operate in any other state.

I do not know who WCI is so I don’t know what you are talking about. If this entity whom I never heard of has some information about you I guess I am not surprised since your reputation in London is quite the same as Gershman’s reputation here in the U.S and abroad. I have heard from so many people and companies about who Kevin Hughes is your tactics and business dealings quite similar to that of Gershman. EVERY SINGLE company or person that we showed our evidence cancelled Gershman. You were the only one that ignored it and continued to side with him after seeing hard black and white evidence he cheated you and the insurance companies you represent. You acknowledged this in your emails to BOB and then met with the insurance companies and relayed the lies you knew were lies to the insurance companies.

I know that Gershman spread the lies and his version of the story but we have court recorder in the room that him and his lawyer begged us to step away from the arbitration because they knew they would lose. The $300,000 was a way to use (Just as you would do if you are in a lawsuit) is to get the recovery of the money as fast as we can and get rid of him. HOWEVER, it was on our terms (not to do all these illegal stuff) which he agreed verbally in front of the arbitrator and lawyers and then again Gershman is Gershman after we all as decent and honorable people believe agreements in front of lawyers and eye to eye for Gershman it was just another tactic to make us go away and win more time to go about his illegal business. We put very clear terms and he agreed NOT to use aliases, not to sell in states that he is not licensed, not to pocket premiums by submitting cancellations so far out and NOT to cut on the bill we send him because he switches from all risk to total loss 3 weeks after shipment arrived and more and more that him and his lawyer apologized million times over to get us to walk away!!!!

Obviously your tactics and reputation is just exactly that so no wonder you sided and cooperated with him all along despite that you knew he was cheating you and cheating the insurance company we saw an email between you and Bob saying “how can we hide this? How can we make the insurance company go away from our backs”. You play with fire you get burned it’s just a matter of time.

Bottom line we won and Gershman got his fines, and actions and big loss paying us $160,000. I can only think that either you just run your business exactly like Gershman that you agree with all what we found and showed you or you are just desperate for business it’s one or the other!


From: Kevin Hughes – H&P []
Subject: RE: PAF Insurance via ACIS/Tokio Marine
Importance: High


I suggest you read my e-mail of yesterday again. The e-mail from WCI was inaccurate and I have made it clear to them that I want any posting to be withdrawn. Of course I knew where their “information” came from; I recognise the “style” immediately.

If Gershman was acting illegally, why did you deal with him? And when he stopped dealing with you, why did you go to arbitration seeking to force him to commit to providing you with US$300,000 worth of insurance in the following 12 months? Very strange in view of your strident commentary of Gershman.

Since you seem to be confused as to which branch of Tokio Marine is involved, I have passed a copy of this latest diatribe to the relevant people here in London.

ACIS Cargo Underwriting Agency Limited
9th Floor, 40 Lime Street
London EC3M 7AW United Kingdom
(Direct :  +44 (0)207 099 6889
(Main :  +44 (0)207 099 6888
MobÈ  :+44(0)7767 796209

Subject: FW: PAF Insurance via ACIS/Tokio Marine

I am sending this to Tokio Marine too.


Subject: PAF Insurance via ACIS/Tokio Marine
Importance: High


I will not retract anything I said that was so true!

We read all the subpoena emails between you and Bob. You were well aware that Gershman reappeared to you under fake names and communicated with you using alias names because he was cancelled by you and other companies exhausted all his coverage options so he came to you using fake names and fraudulent application. It was all in the subpoena.  There was no father that owed you money or anything that he said in his emails replies to you while you questioned him. Gershman has been and STILL IS selling insurance without a license all over the U.S. although after all this saga he sent his son in law to get license he was not licensed for 15 years selling insurance by companies that later cancelled him when they found out. Still Gershman acts as an underwriter quoting and selling insurance when he is not even licensed . His son in law does not quote anyone or communicates with anyone. He quotes and sells insurance in FL or many other states without a license. You know this, you knew this and it does not matter that you worked directly with a company that was licensed. The fact that you were aware of his illegal conduct and did not ask Alan not to sell him insurance shows that you participated in the illegal conduct. Your emails between you and Bob confirmed his conduct about selecting different categories to pay you less and each and every certificate that had ACIS on it was violating the law because it was sold in states that he was not licensed! The information is still in the process to be reviewed in personal meeting with the financial services of London when I arrive to London.

You knew that he was using fake names and that you cancelled him in the past and that he owed you  money it was Gershman not his father and that he submitted to you fraudulent application that he was a freight forwarder and used fake name. All of that was accepted by YOU and BOB and despite all that you thought that we were making thing up!!! We WON the lawsuit and Gershman paid us $160,000 and got fined by commissioners from right to left.

Check his website, the guy will never change.  He still uses fake address on his website. He operates out of his home in Moorpark and has Westlake village address. When the federal maritime investigator went to this address he found no one. It was a post office box. He still uses fake email disclaimers sending to customers “ your insurance certificate is sent to you by your transportation carrier” when in fact they did not book any freight with him.

He has been insuring with us in 2013 and we cancelled him because he was pocketing premium. He would cancel certificates for shipments that arrived . He went around and said that I was complaining against him because I got upset he left me. THAT WAS A LIE AMONGST SO MANY LIES. Everything he says is a lie. He is just very charming person that knows how to write nice convincing made up stories. I showed all the evidence to the arbitrator that I dumped him not he left me. He did all these illegal stuff that I gave up on his premium income AND paid lawyers to go after him. He probably paid you 0.10 cents and charges 0.75 cents. I see quotes from him to customers every day. He charges thousands of dollars on each certificate and pays you cents.

Too bad that you and BOB were so against us and siding with someone that cheated you once and WILL NEVER CHANGE. We gave him a second chance too but he kept on cheating. We wanted to alert you and help you ! At the end, everything I said was true and accurate and …… I WON.

Subject: PAF Insurance via ACIS/Tokio Marine
Importance: High

I have just found your e-mails in my junk mail (appropriately) and I suggest you go away and check your information. We are all fully aware of the allegations against Gershman/ICTS/PAF. Their business came to us through a fully licensed US broker, not directly.

In your e-mail of 5th April 2017, you state that AXA cancelled but Tokio Marine did not. That is not correct.  Acis wrote on behalf of AXA and Tokio Marine and took the decision, after full discussion with them,  to cancel on behalf of both as a result of poor claims experience.

We have not dealt with Gershman/ICTS/PAF since late 2015 whereas you appear to be stating something different.

You should be very careful when relying on “information” provided to you by a third party and I would like you to remove and retract anything you have posted and confirm to me within the next 7 days that you have done so.

I have copied in Tokio Marine UK; Tokio Marine America were never involved.
Kevin Hughes
ACIS Cargo Underwriting Agency Limited
9th Floor, 40 Lime Street
London EC3M 7AW United Kingdom
(Direct :  +44 (0)207 099 6889
(Main :  +44 (0)207 099 6888
Mob  :+44(0)7767 796209

Acis Cargo Underwriting Agency Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can check these details on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768. Our FCA register number is 311294. Registered office 8 Northumberland Gardens, Bromley, Kent BR1 2XD United Kingdom. Registered in England No 04778918. This e-mail and any attachment are confidential and may be privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you are neither the addressee nor an authorised recipient from the addressee, please notify us of receipt, delete this message from your system and do not use, copy or disseminate the information in or attached to it in any way. Our messages are checked for viruses but please note that we do not accept liability for any virus which may be transmitted in or with this message. E&OE


Faxitron Bioptics Gets Scammed by England Logistics agent Nomad Logistics

It is amazing how many people have contacted us giving supporting info in reference to England Logistics still selling fake shipping insurance through Nomad Logistics (Kelly Nelson)

Need to highlight one company today:
Pete:  520-399-8180 x 1158

We were told that they have paid close to $35,000 in insurance that they were never really covered for.  Not only does this hurt Faxitron, but all of their customers:

please note: We cannot verify this information but was sent this list anonymously from someone at England Logistics. The source went by the initial C. 

Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center
Advocate Lutheran
AIS cancer cancer San Joaquin Community Hospital
Alpha Medical Equipment
Alta Bates Summit
Anderson Hospital
Arlington Memorial Hospital
Atara Biotherapeutics
Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
Banner Estrella Med Center
Banner Gateway Medical Center
Banner Medical
Banner University Medical Center Phoenix
Baptist Golden Triangle
Baptist Health – Doctors
Baptist Health Women’s Hospital Memphis
Baptist Hospital of Miami
Baptist Hospital of Miami
Baptist MD Anderson Jacksonville
Barnes Jewish Hospital
Baton Rouge Medical Center
Baylor clinic
Baylor Frisco
Baylor Regional Medical Center
Baylor Scott & White – Centennial
Baylor Scott and White Surgical Hosptial
Baylor University Medical Center
BCM – Baylor Clinic
Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak
Beverly Hospital
Calico Life sciences
California Department of Forestry
CAP College of American Pathologists
Cape Coral Hospital
Carle Foundation Hospital
Carol Milgard Breast Center
Carolinas Medical Center
Cass Surgery Center
Catholic Medical Center
CBL Path
Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
Center for Specialty Care
Charles River Labs
Chesapeake General Hospital
Childrens National Med Center
Christus St Vincent Reg Med Ctr
CHU de Quebec Universite Laval
Citrus Memorial Hospital
COMET Technologies USA
COMET Technologies USA Inc
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
Comprehensive breast center
Dallas Marriott City Center
Davis Hospital & Med Center
DeKalb Medical Center
DISC Surgery Center
Doctors Hospital of Manteca
Duke Medicine Pavilion
Dwight D. Eisenhower Army medical Center
East Alabama Medical Center
East Tennessee Ambulatory Surgery Center
EFW Storage Faciltiy
EFW Storage Florida
Einstein Medical Center
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital
Emory Tufts House
Emory University Hospital
Emory University Hospital MIDTOWN
Erie County Medical Center
Evergreen Healthcare
Evergreen Medical Center
Evergreen Surgery Ctr.
Freeman Hospital West
Froedtert Lutheran Memorial Hospital
Froedtert Surgery Center
Global Thermoforming Inc
Grand View Hospital
Greater Baltimore Medical Center
GroupHealth BelleVue Medical Center
Gulf Coast Medical Center
GULMAY Incorporated
Harris Methodist Ft Worth
Healthpark Medical Center
Heart of Lancaster
Henderson Hospital
Henry Ford Hospital
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
High Point Surgery Center
Hillcrest Hospital
Hilton Waikoloa Village for Faxitron at RRS
Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
Holy Cross Germantown
Holy Redeemer
Houston Methodist Sugar Land
Houston Methodist West
Huntington Hopsital
Inova Alexandria Hospital
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Intertek Testing services
ITD Corp
Jackson Hospital
Jackson North Medical Center
Jackson Surgery Center
Jefferson University Hospital
JFK Medical Center – NORTH Campus
JFK Medical Center North
Julian Road Outpatient Surgery
Jupiter Medical Center
Kaiser Downey Medical Center
Kaiser Fremont
Kaiser Modesto
Kaiser Roseville Medical Center
Kaiser Stockton
Kaiser Westside
Kentucky One Health Jewish Medical Center
Lafayette Surgicare
Lakeland Surgical and Diagnostic Center
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Lee Memorial
Lee Memorial Hospital
Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Los Alamitos Medical Center
Lourdes Medical Center
Magee Womens Hospital
Marian Regional Medical
Marietta Surgery Center
Mat-Su Regional Medical Center
MD Anderson Cancer Center
MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper
Medical City Dallas Ambulatory Surgery Center
Medical University McKesson
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Memorial Health Saddle Back
Memorial Hospital
Memorial Houston Surgery Ctr
Memorial Regional Hospital
Memorial Regional Hospital (Main Campus)
Memorial Regional Hospital WEST
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Menlo Park Surgical Hospital
Mercy Hospital
Mercy Medical Center
Mercy Medical Center – West Lakes
Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Methodist Mansfield MC
Methodist Richardson Medical Center
Methodist Sugarland Hospital
Methodist Surgery Center – Germantown
Metropolitain Hospital
Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center
Michigan State University
Miss Baptist Health Systems
Mission Hospital Laguna Beach
Mississippi Breast Center
Montana Dept of Agriculture
Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center
Morphogenesis inc
Moses cone
Moses Cone Hospital
Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Mt Sinai – Derfner
Mt Sinai St Lukes Receiving
MultiCare Health Tacoma
New Milford Hospital
New York Presbyterian of Queens
Newton-Wesley Hospital
NH Presbyterian Medical Center
Norman Regional
North Memorial Hospital
Northside Medical Center – Columbus Regional Health
Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital
Northwestern Grayslake
Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center
Novant Health Rowan Med Ctr
NY Academy of Medicine
Nyack Hospital
NYU Hospitals
NYU Langone Hospital
NYU School of Medicine
Oakwood Southshore Surgery Ctr
Ocean Medical Center
Odessa Regional Medical Center
Ohio State Wexner Medical Center
Oregon Health & Science
Oregon Health and Science University
Outpatient Center at the Sanctuary
Palmdale Regional Medical Center Rec
Park Avenue Medical Center
Pathology Associates
PCC Structurals
PeaceHealth Southwest
Phoenixville Hospital
Physicians Surgery Center of Chandler
Piedmont Newnan Hospital
Porreca Freight
Posada Ambulatory Surgery Center
Poudre Valley Hospital
Prairie Lakes Healthcare System
Presbyterian Hospital
Presbyterian Kaseman OR
Primary Childrens Hospital
Providence Medford Medical Center
Providence Tarzana Medical Center
Rantec Microwave Systems
Rhode Island Hospital
Roberts Metal
Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rush University Medical Center
Ryan Ranch Surgery Center
Saddleback Memorial
Saint Charles Medical Center
Saint David’s Medical Center
Sanctuary OP Surgery Center
Sanford Health – Fargo
Self Regional Healthcare
Sentara Leigh Hospital
Sharp Memorial Hospital
Shepherd Casters
Source Ray
South Nassau Communities Hospital – General
Southeast Hospital
Southlake (methodist Hospital)
Spellman High Voltage
Spellman High Voltage Electronics
SSM St Clare Hospital
St Anthony Hospital
St Francis Hospital & Medical Center
St Joseph Hospital
St Joseph’s Hospital
St Josephs Hospital Womens Center
St Marys Surgicare Professional
St Vincent Hospital
St. Bernard Regional Medical Center
St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center
St. Joseph Hospital Medical Center
St. Josephs Hospital – North
St. Josephs Womens Hospital
St. Jospeh’s – Candler
St. Luke’s Hospital
Stanford Hospital
Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Summit Surgical Center
SUNY Upstate Medical
SURGICENTER Murfreesboro Medical Clinic
Tallahassee Memorial Weems Warehouse
Temecula Receiving
Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
The Delta Pathology Group
The Future of Breast Cancer Conference
The Medical Center of Plano
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
Thomas Jefferson University Womens Cancer and Oncology Services
Thornton Hospital
Titus Regional Medical Center
Torrance Memorial
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Touro Infirmary
Trinity Health
TriPAQ Santa Ana warehouse
Turf Valley ATTN: Ann Griffiths
UCLA Barbara Kort Breast Imaging Center
UCSD Medical Center
UH Case Medical Center
UM SJMC Receiving Dock
UNC Hospitals Ambulatory Surgery Center
UNC Medical Center
UNC Medical Center / McLendon Clinical Labs
Unity Point Health Peoria Warehouse
University Kansas Indian Creek
University Of California Irvine
University Of California San Diego Thornton Hospital
University of Idaho
University of Illinois Hospital
University of Tennessee Medical Center
University of Washington
University of WI – La Crosse
UPS Store at JW Marriott Camelback Inn
US Army Garrison
USMD Fort Worth
UW Medical Center
Valley Medical Center
Van Andel Research
VCU Health
Virginia Hospital Center
Waccamaw Community Hospital
Washington Adventist Hospital
Washington Institute of Surgical Endoscopy and Research
White Memorial Medical Center
Williamson Medical
Willis Knight medical center
Wilson Case
Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories
Womens Hospital
Woodlands Medical Specialists
Yampa Valley Medical Center
Yavapai Regional Med Center

Thanks for Visiting: England Logistics

Well it did not take long for England Logistics to find our site and if they keep their shipping insurance scam with PAF Insurance; anything from this point forward that comes to them is their own doing.


Another report to stop PAF Insurance and Gregory Gershman

We have filed a report in Florida now to continue the shut down of PAF Insurance and their illegal scam. We will keep notifying all the stated of their scam.

Supporting Evidence
Offering shipping insurance when not licensed to do so$.startup?Z_ORG_ID=327149 click on casualty broker agent Jeremiah Pope since he is the only one there with an insurance license and see it was cancelled 3.31.17:$.STARTUP?Z_INDV_ID=1694833&Z_IL_LIC_NBR=0K14916

Run Gregory Gershman but you cannot hide. We know where you live


England Logistics has their hands full now not just with PAF Insurance Scam

Not only has England Logistics offered shipping insurance that is not real through PAF Insurance but with their class action lawsuit, it seems to be a matter of time before the house of cards crumbles.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – CR England, America’s largest refrigerated trucking company, is looking to the Utah Supreme Court for direction now that a federal court has certified a nationwide class action lawsuit involving more than 14,000 truck drivers.

The lawsuit alleges CR England and Horizon Truck Sales and Leasing engaged in a scheme to defraud drivers through a lease driver program. The lawsuit was originally filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in May 2011, but was later transferred to the District of Utah in April 2012.

The company, along with fellow defendants Opportunity Leasing and Horizon Truck Sales and Leasing, filed a motion with the Utah Supreme Court on March 27.

In the motion, the company argues that there are still issues regarding provisions in the Utah Consumer Sales Practice Act (UCPSA), Utah Business Opportunity Disclosure Act (UBODA), and the Utah Truth in Advertising Act (UTIAA).

CR England has asked that the federal court request certification of four questions to the Utah Supreme Court. As part of the motion, CR England argues that certification is needed because their questions are “indisputably uncertain” because no Utah court has addressed them previously, and that the answers to the questions are “very significant” to its case.

The four questions are as follows:

– As a matter of state law, do Utah Code and the UCSPA mean that in a class action relating to a transaction governed by the UCSPA, class members cannot seek statutory or actual damages for violations of the UBODA or the UTIAA?

– As a matter of state law, do Utah Code and the UCSPA mean that in a class action relating to a transaction governed by the UCSPA, the class notice as to claims for violations of the UBODA and the UTIAA must advise class members that the court will exclude them from the class unless they request inclusion by a specific date?

– Under the UBODA, can information unrelated to selling or marketing services to third parties provided by a business to an independent contractor in order to help the independent contractor perform services for that same business qualify as “a sales program or marketing program” within the meaning of Utah Code?

– Under the UBODA, can payments from an independent contractor to a business for the purchase of goods or services pursuant to written agreements be considered “initial required consideration,” when the written agreements specifically state that the independent contractor need not purchase the goods or services as a condition for earning income in the alleged assisted marketing plan?

The company’s petition for permission to appeal the District of Utah’s class certification was recently denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. In its March 27 order, a three-judge panel explained that the decision to grant the petition is purely discretionary.

District Judge Robert J. Shelby certified the class action under an order in January. another PAF Insurance Scam

About Cargo Insurance Center

Cargo Insurance Center is provided by P.A.F Insurance Services LLC, a division (dba) owned by Pacific Atlantic Freight LLC. We are a fully licensed: Freight Broker, Freight Forwarder and Insurance broker, originally established in 1984 in Los Angeles California. We specialize in domestic and international freight/cargo shipping services including cargo insurance and other transportation related lines of insurance.

Being a cargo shipping company also, we understand first hand the need to protect your valuable cargo shipments against damage or loss while in transit. Even the top leading freight shipping, cargo carriers and moving companies only provide the minimum legal liability cargo insurance coverage of $0.60 per pound. For example, If your shipment is worth $5,000 but it only weighs 500 lbs, in the event of a loss you would only receive $300, no matter what the actual loss value was. That’s not sufficient and many find this out the hard way.

We established our Cargo Insurance division to provide our clients with peace of mind by offering the much needed service of primary cargo insurance coverage based on the actual full value of the goods (not weight) and on a custom per shipment basis. Through our specialized freight forwarder cargo policies and access to top A rated insurers, we are able to issue customized insurance certificates for each shipment to properly protect your goods during transit or if you are a frequent shipper, we can provide you with your own policy for annual coverage. You can choose from total loss, to the broadest all risk coverage depending on what you are concerned with occurring during transit and how well your goods are packaged.

The cargo insurance coverage we offer is provided and underwritten direct from leading A rated insurance companies, so that we can provide you with full comprehensive primary cargo insurance coverage options not provided by the freight carriers. This coverage is in excess to the limited liability of the freight carriers and is primary in the event of a loss. The insurer is rated “AA” by the leading independent, third party financial analysis companies such as AM Best, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, as a result of their excellent financial strength ratings and claims payment history.

Most importantly, because we are also a freight company, in addition to being an insurance broker and cargo shipper’s insurance agent, we have access to this special type of cargo insurance designed specifically for freight forwarders, freight brokers & cargo logistics providers. Therefore, we are able to acquire discounted rates direct from the insurer, based on our shipping volume, allowing us to arrange coverage on your behalf usually at lower rates than sole insurance agencies or brokers.

We are happy to be able to arrange & place coverage immediately upon approval and issue you your own custom cargo insurance certificate/policy to print right from your computer. Our easy online quote form takes just a few minutes to fill out. Get an instant quote to properly protect your cargo today.

Read the fine print about PAF Insurance

When a licensed insurance provider lists coverage and ratings, they do it based on their license and underwriter. PAF Insurance’s Greg Gershman does not. Anyone who see this page: HERE will know that he is claiming the well respected ratings from Tokio Marine Insurance and not his company. How could he when he is not licensed to sell shipping insurance.

Don’t fall for the hype. You are paying for insurance sold by an unlicensed company.


The underwriters may, but PAF Insurance sure the hell does not.

Our Partner Insurers

Insurance overage is provided direct from and underwritten 100% by A+ rated syndicate insurers in the US and London markets. We only work with the highest “A” rated insurers, rated by the leading independent Financial rating experts: Fitch, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and AM Best.

These high ratings are in the categories of: Financial Strength, claims payment and meeting it’s
obligations to policy holders. This means they have an excellent financial strength and superior
claims payment ability. Therefore, you can feel safe in knowing they can pay for your loss.

Our partner insurers offer the broadest coverage options available anywhere. They were the very first
to insure shipments and have been providing insurance security to the world for over 200 years.

Our insurers specialize in all cargo and freight risks. All coverage options are available from the broadest
All risk coverage to catastrophic/total loss, war & strikes and custom coverage.
Whatever your cargo insurance coverage needs are, you can find it here.

Testimonials on PAF Insurance. Are they real?

You decide if these are real. Not sure how they could be if Gregory Gershman is not licensed to sell shipping insurance.


What our Clients say about us:

“We’ve been using P.A.F Insurance Services for the past 6 years and we’re very happy with them.
We appreciate the savings from their wholesale rates, timely issuance of policies,
friendly customer service and quick claims processing”
Lorne Weidman – Founder of Williams Restaurant Equipment

“I give P.A.F Insurance Services 5 stars! Thanks for giving me peace of mind during a stressful
move. I will definitely use you guys again, next time!”
– Sarah Trono  

“The past 4 years of service has been great! Policies are issued on time
and claims are processed and paid quickly .”

– Preston J.    

“We love the P.AF. Insurance team, they provide stellar service.
– Aubrey Hart – Hart Family Boutique


“Thank you for spending so much time walking me through the whole process and explaining
the different coverage types. I appreciate the personal service and attention.

– Richard  S. 


” We are happy with P.A.F Insurance Services, they help us ensure our valuable patient
equipment is always covered for it’s full value during transit. It’s nice to not have to worry
about any losses, they use only A rated, financially stable insurance companies.

-Bertha A. – Davita

Review: P.A.F Cargo Insurance, A Division Of Pacific Atlantic Freight

NOT QUITE the moving insurance you’d expect – KNOW THE FACTS! Westlake Village California

Ok, so for an inexperienced person looking to purchase moving insurance online, they SEEM like a good way to go.
You can get it last minute, and you’re totally covered, right? Well, maybe not….

What you may NOT notice is the fine print that this insurance will only cover you for a TOTAL LOSS, which means that if you get this insurance on your move, like I did, and your household items are damaged, you are covered for…. NOTHING!

That’s right. When I called up, they didn’t even ask my name or policy number- they just said to read the contract and see that I was only covered for total loss.

Now, granted this is better than nothing, but unless the whole moving truck explodes or is swallowed up in an earthquake, you aren’t covered.

I don’t know if they offer “real moving insurance,” that protects your possessions, if they are damaged in transit, but just be aware that if that’s what you’re seeking, this may not be the company for you.

I disputed the charge, citing misleading advertising, but it didn’t help. I think the parent company is not in the U.S. which probably helps them and hurts us, the consumers.

My suggestion: Find a better moving insurance company.

Central NJ, New Jersey

What does PAF Charge 3rd Party Shippers for Fake insurance?

Below is what we are told they charge England Logistics for insurance who resell it without a license.

Based on $100 of coverage…. What are you paying? 


PAF Insurance has been reported again to the state of Utah. Sorry England Logistics…

Posted By: State
Posted On: 04-10-2017

Thank you for submitting your insurance complaint to the Utah Insurance Department through the Consumer Complaint Portal. Your case has been assigned to Bruce Vario.

Your consumer service analyst, Bruce Vario, will communicate with you mainly through the Consumer Complaint Portal. You will receive an email each time there is activity on your case. You will need to log into the Consumer Complaint Portal to review the activity.

If you have any new information, you can add new comments or upload new documents through the Consumer Complaint Portal, and your consumer service analyst will be notified.

The Department’s complaint process includes obtaining information from the involved parties. The review process usually takes three to four weeks to complete. You will receive a response from the Department when we have obtained all the pertinent information and completed our review.

Should you need to speak with Bruce Vario, please call 801-538-3035. We look forward to assisting you with this matter.

How PAF Insurance Gregory Gershman lies to his customers

PAF Insurance owner Gregory Gershman uses Tokio Marine insurance under the pretense that his company manages every shipment they insure as booked through their own forwarding business PAF Freight. That is an out and out lie.

Especially if you are a company (like England Logistics) that manages freight shipping for their customers. Any insurance you purchased through PAF Insurance has been sold to you illegally and you have paid for nothing.

Gerg Gershman may state that he has coverage with proper licensing but their last and only legal license expired 3.31.17 and they were licensed only in the state of CA. He holds a brokers license directly only for freight brokering, not insurance coverage. He cannot due to multiple lawsuits due to fraud.

Gregory Gershman only holds a Cargo Shipper’s Agent license. His relative Jeremy Pope’s license to sell insurance in California only expired on 3.31.17



PAF Insurance not licensed to sell insurance as of April 1st

Gregory Dennis Gershman, the leader of the shipping insurance scam known as PAF Insurance has no license to operate in the US. His family member defaulted on renewing his insurance license so the only way this scammer found a way around it is to claim he was a freight broker and he is insuring all his own freight.


Resident Insurance Producer
License type: Cargo Shipper’s Agent (Not insurance Agent) Status:
Status Date:
Expiration Date:


Jeremiah Mathew Pope was licensed until 3.31.17 but now is no longer the insurance agent for PAF Insurance

Name: POPE JEREMIAH MATHEW License#: 0K14916
Resident Insurance Producer
License type: Casualty Broker-Agent Status: Status Date:
Expiration Date:
Resident Insurance Producer
License type: Property Broker-Agent Status: Status Date:
Expiration Date:
Resident Insurance Producer
License type: Surplus Lines Broker Status: Status Date:
Expiration Date:


Gregory Gershman is selling insurance without a license and will be reported again to the CA License Commissioner. He has been fined before in 2016: View Court Documents

PAF Insurance Rates: Exposed

Most people when they go online and compare, they really have no concept of what they are comparing when it comes to shipping insurance. Take PAF Insurance for example. They list rates based of basic coverage. There is no such thing in the insurance industry which is the first marker on their scam. Here are the real rates US shipments. You decide if this is really worth the extra money versus a  insurance search engine

Minimum Charges:

TOTAL LOSS Coverage BASIC Coverage ALL RISK Coverage
There is a $45.00 Minimum charge for a Total Loss policy. There is a $50.00 Minimum charge for a basic risk policy. There is a $90.00 minimum charge for an All Risk policy.


General Merchandise $1.35 $1.40 $1.40
New or Used Machinery $1.35 $1.40 $1.40
Household Goods $2.50 $2.83 $2.83
Fragile Goods $3.74 $3.30 $3.30
Computers/Electronics $2.05 $2.30 $2.30
Fine Arts $2.50 $2.83 $2.83
Motorcycles & Autos $1.60 $1.80 $1.80
Precision Instruments $2.05 $2.30 $2.30
Chemicals/Hazardous Mat. $1.45 $1.60 $1.60
Steel Sheets, Coils & Bars $1.93 $2.30 $2.30
Branded Goods $1.40 $1.50 $1.50
Non Perishable Food $1.35 $1.30 $1.30
Bottled Beverages $1.40 $1.50 $1.50
Bottled Products/non beverage $1.35 $1.30 $1.30
Frozen Foods (excluding meat) $2.10 $2.40 $2.40
Frozen Meats $2.20 $2.50 $2.50
Yachts $1.75 $1.95 $1.95
Jewelry (all types) 5.00 for all risk $3.80 $3.80 $3.80

England Logistics is scammed by PAF Insurance and does nothing

England Logistics PAF Insurance Scam
England Logistics PAF Insurance Scam

We got word from an insurance site that England Logistics was informed that PAF Insurance is operating illegally and it is not their issue.


If a logistics company like England Logistics and their customers such as Safariland or Tru Temp Equipment who insure shipments almost daily are being scammed by PAF Insurance and England Logistics does nothing about it should you continue to do business with them?

Are you one of these customers of England Logistics who paid for insurance? If so, I suggest contacting England Logistics for a refund and then contact us to get you a real insurance policy. HERE

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