How PAF Insurance Gregory Gershman lies to his customers

PAF Insurance owner Gregory Gershman uses Tokio Marine insurance under the pretense that his company manages every shipment they insure as booked through their own forwarding business PAF Freight. That is an out and out lie.

Especially if you are a company (like England Logistics) that manages freight shipping for their customers. Any insurance you purchased through PAF Insurance has been sold to you illegally and you have paid for nothing.

Gerg Gershman may state that he has coverage with proper licensing but their last and only legal license expired 3.31.17 and they were licensed only in the state of CA. He holds a brokers license directly only for freight brokering, not insurance coverage. He cannot due to multiple lawsuits due to fraud.

Gregory Gershman only holds a Cargo Shipper’s Agent license. His relative Jeremy Pope’s license to sell insurance in California only expired on 3.31.17