Review: P.A.F Cargo Insurance, A Division Of Pacific Atlantic Freight

NOT QUITE the moving insurance you’d expect – KNOW THE FACTS! Westlake Village California¬†

Ok, so for an inexperienced person looking to purchase moving insurance online, they SEEM like a good way to go.
You can get it last minute, and you’re totally covered, right? Well, maybe not….

What you may NOT notice is the fine print that this insurance will only cover you for a TOTAL LOSS, which means that if you get this insurance on your move, like I did, and your household items are damaged, you are covered for…. NOTHING!

That’s right. When I called up, they didn’t even ask my name or policy number- they just said to read the contract and see that I was only covered for total loss.

Now, granted this is better than nothing, but unless the whole moving truck explodes or is swallowed up in an earthquake, you aren’t covered.

I don’t know if they offer “real moving insurance,” that protects your possessions, if they are damaged in transit, but just be aware that if that’s what you’re seeking, this may not be the company for you.

I disputed the charge, citing misleading advertising, but it didn’t help. I think the parent company is not in the U.S. which probably helps them and hurts us, the consumers.

My suggestion: Find a better moving insurance company.

Central NJ, New Jersey